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Ryan De Dominicis



Ryan De Dominicis


Hi, thanks for checking out my site.

My name's Ryan Domenico De Dominicis and I'm a freelance photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand.  

I come from a relatively small family, we grew up in Leeds and Doncaster in the north of England. My Father is Italian (hence the unpronounceable name) and my Mother is English. 

Although we didn't have much money growing up, my parents really understood the importance of travelling. We would go on regular family camping trips around France and the U.K and visited family in Italy at least once a year. 

On family holidays as a child, my Mother would always hand me the disposable camera to snap pics of the family. She used to say that I had an eye for taking photos. But I would always be more interested in snapping pictures of my surroundings, be it a cloudy mountain range, a lush forest, the sun glistening off of the ocean or even just a lonely snail climbing a fence post. I've always photographed things that fascinate me and try to capture the beauty that can be found in the simplest of places.

My love for photography continued to grow and eventually my parents bought me my own camera. It was a canon EOS 300 film camera. I used to make use of the dark room at school to develop my own photos which was a great learning experience. Eventually though, I made the step to digital photography.

Since a very young age I remember being fascinated with the natural world and the beauty of this planet and every Sunday my Father and I would sit on the couch together and watch nature documentaries all day. I'd always be blown away with the diversity and beauty of the far away places I was seeing on the screen. Those early experience grew within me, a deep desire to travel and explore this wonderful planet we call home. I always knew that one day I'd throw on a backpack and hit the road.   

When I turned 24 my real travels began. Until then I'd travelled around Europe quite a lot but hadn't really ventured much further. Naturally I chose to head as far away from home as I could and ended up in Australia where I lived for a year. After Aus I spent 5 months in South East Asia then moved back to the UK where I managed to last 6 months before taking off again. I Made my way to South America with my Partner Viktoria, where we backpacked through 5 countries over 5 months. From there we made our way to Wellington, New Zealand where we now currently reside.

Moving to New Zealand was the catalyst I needed to take my photography to the next level. In the nearly 2 years that I've lived here I've learned more than in the previous 10 years. The landscape in New Zealand is stunning and accessible and the photography community Is full of talented and friendly people who inspire me daily. 

For now Tori and I plan to continue to explore this wonderful country in our van Ronda, continue to make friends and continue to learn.

Follow our Journey on Instagram here; @ryan_domenico @viktoriawanders

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my site. 

Ryan Domenico.